in Port Elizabeth .She holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Majored in Economics and Commercial Law )from the University of Transkei .

Wendy assumed employment with the government in 2004. She has been  involved in research ,Foreign policy Collection ,Liaison ,Stakeholder Management , Election Observing missions abroad .Wendy has served in government for the past ten years .


Wendy BongiweMpendulo is the Chairperson of Impendulo Foundation, an NPO concerned with the empowerment of the vulnerable groups which include Women,Children,people with disabilities .The foundation amongst its objectives is to push forward skills development and information empowerment to those who cannot have access to resources .


Wendy is a member of (BWASA) Business Women South Africa SAWEN (South African Women Entrepreneur’s Network), She has served in the events committee of BWASA.She is a member of SAYCC (South African Youth Chamber of Commerce, Business Management Forum (BMF), a member of South African Women Entrepreneurs Network (SAWEN).A committed member of the Tshwane Youth Business Council (TYBC)

Wendy has worked with women in the  areas of Pretoria East, mainly working with domestic workers and conscientising them of their rights as citizens and humans and as women .Bringing awareness programmes and economic empowerment programmes. Wendy has been instrumental on the launch of the Young Women ‘s League in in the City of Tshwane .She has presented papers on Economic Development and women .


Wendy started with getting orders from people in the offices of Mthatha and because of the increase in  demand for food , she started serving lunch from home minimising on the cost by getting orders . Later on she opened her own restaurant and started contracting with the local government departments, municipality offices, NGO's and public in general . It was out of those humble beginnings that Wendy initiated and continued her passion for business and realized her potential  .


Previous and Current projects include partnership with SOS Children’s Village in Mamelodi ,as an official fundraiser and events coordinator. Back to School Campaign for orphaned children ,Patnership with the University of New Castle through Southern African Cultural Leardership (SACL).Partnerships with primary schools in the informal settlements and rural areas of Eastern Cape and Gauteng.


Wendy loves people and people nurture and motivate her. She is very compassionate about the disadvantaged people and is always inspired to assist in every way she can, to empower the disadvantaged to improve their circumstances. Wendy believes no one was born in higher position, but the focus and belief in God coupled with the determination of an individual makes them to fulfill destiny.

She believes she has been created for a purpose and have a destiny to fulfil in life. And so is everyone that has a privilege to live here on earth.

Having experienced firsthand poverty in her growing up, she decided to be instrumental in the formation of a vehicle which can be used to transform and impact the lives of others and give them hope for their future IMPENDULO FOUNDATION. Her stay in the city of Pretoria and her travels all over the world inspired her to bring development to the disadvantaged communities through the Impendulo foundation.

Wendy Mpendulo

Founder / Chairperson


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