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IMPENDULO FOUNDATION (IF) is a Non-Profit Organisation creating and implementing diverse strategies to advance positive change in the lives of the vulnerable people of South Africa. Educating, advocating, lobbying for the vulnerable is our main programme. We intervene in the gaps experienced by these groups for sustainable livelihood.

Our work includes offering relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged, the abused and neglected .Advancement and empowerment of the vulnerable groups through capacity building and other programmes.

Our main focus is the vulnerable groups of the country, nationally and internationally.


Impendulo Foundation believes that all people should be given an equal opportunity in life especially in the provision of basic needs, economic participation, health, food, security and education. We are determined to change the plight of the most vulnerable groups in the society. Our main priorities are the orphans; children, elderly, unemployed youth, drop out youth disabled people and vulnerable women.

We aim amongst other activities, to alleviate the levels of poverty and unemployment through utilization of current available infrastructure and resources. We are pushing forward advancement of education, economic participation sustainable livelihoods; erecting or maintaining public buildings like libraries, development centers, monuments, or works; religion; law; and combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.



The NPO was formed for project aims to achieve:


• To develop basic infrastructure and processes aimed at enhancing social cohesion. Embrace a culture of self-sustainability, economic efficient individuals that create and participate in their own economies for a sustainable livelihood.

• To empower individuals by enabling them to identify their potential and derive economic benefits for opportunities available in the democratic South Africa

• To inculcate the spirit of Ubuntu and encourage individuals and community members to live in peace and harmony .To create opportunities for the disadvantaged and underprivileged.

• To educate vulnerable groups about their rights, about the Constitution of our country, and the responsibilities that come with rights enshrined in the Constitution especially chapter 2 .

• To empower people to reach their destiny in life and achieve their full potential

• To help build communities with community members.





The children targeted include the following:(Children living on their own, disadvantaged children, orphaned children ,abandoned youth ,abused youth children living with relatives and cannot further their education ,children living in households headed by parents who are HIV / AIDS positive ,children living with grandparents with no stable income and challenged backgrounds .

Disabled people

The disabled people include the following :( Born disabled people, people who got disabled due to accidents, people who are suffering from chronic fatal illnesses like HIV /AIDS, people who cannot support themselves)

The vulnerable women and men (Abused women and men (victims),Old aged women and unemployed women and men that cannot fend for themselves, illiterate women, rural women and men)

Youth, include (street kids, drop out youths, unemployed youths, youths without parents, working youth without qualifications).



We apply a grassroots approach in achieving development for our communities. We identify the challenges faced by communities and work with communities to provide solutions to the challenges they face. We provide capacity building to less privileged and provide empowerment that can reduce levels of poverty.

We empower the vulnerable groups so that they can be able to sustain their lives and prepare them for economic activity.


IF supports community-based development in RSA by strengthening the capacities of local community development organizations to carry out all aspects and stages of Programmed activities by providing technical and managerial support.  We engage in partnerships and collaboration with different stakeholders so as to fulfil the needs of the communities.

Did you know that two out of three South Africans aged 18 to 28

are unemployed. While the overall unemployment rate is about 25%,

among young people it’s a daunting 60%?

Join us,

 together we can make a Difference!


From 2012 - 2016

Impendulo Foundation offered business management skills/ Entrepreneurship skills in partnership with SACL and University of New Castle in the UK funded by EU this training has led to establishment of cooperatives in Mamelodi East for the community by the community. The beneficiaries have been unemployed women, domestic workers, unemployed youth and drop out youth.


Women and the youth successfully completed the training and have finalised their business proposals, have been linked to the relevant stakeholders in government for support and access to markets. A site has been secured for the community to be used as the bakery. They are currently supplying their products at a small scale.


200 Orphaned children have been offered school shoes, bags and stationery with the help of Road Accident Fund (RAF) at Pfundzo Ndi Tshedza Primary school.


100 Orphaned children of the rural Viedgesville in the Eastern Cape have been given school shoes, clothes, stationery, and uniform with the help of THE CLOTHING BANK.In Zimbane youth received life skills training and life coaching by MIND ADVANCE and NYDA.

Planting of trees in rural school with the help of DAFF in Upper Zimbane High School in Mthatha Eastern Cape.

Old women received hats ,crocheting and knitting materials to start their own wool production in Hammanskraal with the help of PEP.

2016 Current projects and upcoming events

Pfundzo Ndi Tshedza Primary school in Mamelodi has received a donation of a CHEMISTRY LABORATORY EQUIPMENT from Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) to be utilised by the 3 high schools and primary school. This laboratory will improve the quality of education of the learners in this vulnerable community of Mamelodi East.

• Chemistry laboratory handover event and Impendulo Foundation office project furnishing. Our wish list includes :

Computers for volunteers, burglar bars, doors, Cabinets. Desks, phones, uniforms, roll up banners, stationery.

• Entrepreneurship Day

• Fundraising Gala Dinner at VIEDGIE and in Pretoria



“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

– Aesop

“When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better.”

– Pauline R. Kezer

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

– Albert Einstein

Our staff






Wendy Bongiwe Mpendulo, a born again child of God. Wendy BongiweMpendulo is the Managing Director of WZ Events and Projects Management is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, who has throughout the years without fail demonstrated the passion for turning challenges into opportunities. This self driven individual started being in business in the late 1990's where she started operating a mobile health sandwich shop from home. Wendy’s circumstances that were not so favourable for her made her to think and use the knowledge she gained from her Business Management studies .

Recently successfully completed a  Master of Arts  Post Graduete  in Development Studies, with the mini thesis  the “Role of Women in management of the Security Sector “ with NMMU

Donald Maduka Ani is a well travelled individual with a vast experience in business who has for many years, operated  successful enterprises. He is a co-founder and owner of MIANTE MANUFACTURING.

His passion and love for people is what makes him unique in serving the poor and the destitute. His love for God keeps him yearning to make an impact in the lives of the vulnerable groups.

Donald brings the vast business, cultural and language experience in the NGO. He heads the helps department where he oversees that the vulnerable groups immediate basic needs are taken care of.




Sisa Mpendulo is a Director in the Eastern Cape Office, who has passion for youth activities. He oversees all programmes that make an impact in the lives of the young people in the Rural communities of the Eastern Cape.

Sisa brings his entrepreneurial background and leadership to the Organisation .




Thembi Mofiti is a compassionate, grounded individual with the most nurturing qualities that make her unique in every way.

Thembi brings her administrative qualities and love for people to the NGO. Her background in administration helps in ensuring systems are in place. Her motherly instincts bring about balance in carryin out daily activities of the Organisation.

Thembi ensures that the Gauteng programmes are well coordinated.


Kopano Moshoeshoe, is a young dedicated entrepreneur who obtained a reworkable experience working in Different Youth Project and Programs up to National Level for more than 15 years. He got his inspiration of working with the community at a younger age as a junior. He had been a senior Facilitator for Catholic Nation Youth Program Known as Education for Life (Behavior Attitude and Value Change Program) For 10 Years.

Co-Founder of Dare to Lead Principled Courted Program that conducts workshop, trainings and camps of 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teen/People. Taught Religious Education for seven years (2006-2012) at St Joseph’s School at Mthatha. Represented South Africa in an International Youth Conference held in Germany 2005 and had an opportunity of interacting with other cultures and develop an appreciation of other cultures, an ability to be very flexible and gain experience on working with other communities in Development.

-Obtained Certificate in Law (Unitra) Certificate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship (University of New Castle UK) Certificate New Venture Creation (Fort Here Solution).

-Currently A Director of Impendulo Foundation and A Member of O.R Tambo Co-Operative Movement Serving as a Chairperson of Unako Agricultural Co-Op.

-Goal Orientated with a clear and concise vision for Offers Long-Term in Quality Assurance and New Skill Development.











1.Pfundzo  ndi Tshedza Primary school

Mmupudu street, Extension 6

Mamelodi East



2. Thusong Centre



Eastern Cape



Contact person :


Wendy Mpendulo

Founder Chairperson


+27 82 937 7487   |   073 341 4691





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